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Welcome to Denton Vape Shoppe

by Darin Guynes on 07/09/12

We intend to provide our customers a selection of the best e-cigarette products at a fair price with friendly customer service. We will offer our customers a clean and safe place to conduct business with us and offer a comfortable atmosphere for them to try out our different products and flavors. With our vapor and e-cig informed and experienced employees, we will give our customers and the public information on how to use our products and what they have to offer. We look forward to a cleaner and tobacco-free society by utilizing tobacco-free alternative products like what we offer.
The e-cigarettes we sell are not the convenient store e-cigs. Many people have tried the disposable e-cigs you buy at the tobacco stores, ourselves included. Those have a tendency to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Our advice to you, don't give up!  We only sell top quality e-cigs that can be modified to fit every individual's needs. On top of that, over 250 flavors of e-juice and four levels of nicotine, ranging from 0 to 36 give you plenty of options.
Electronic cigarettes are the perfect alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. They have all the benefits of smoking without the smell and the smoke. With our society headed to no smoking anywhere, there are options. Smoking, or vaping, e-cigs allow you to go to restaurants, bars, shopping, and even visiting loved ones without having to leave to grab a smoke. Vaping does not make your hair, clothes, and breath smell bad.

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